SmartServer by Vesta.AI

Reduce Costs. Increase Revenue. Boost Customer Satisfaction.

Imagine someone you can talk to, trust to take orders, provides nutritional information, gives recommendations, make reservations and is always available. The Vesta.AI SmartServer is the server of the future and the first step in the creation of the Smart Restaurant powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Think of your biggest challenges; Vesta.AI will help solve them.

Reduce Costs, Increase Satisfaction and Revenues

Save up to 75% on labor costs, speed up table turnovers and significantly increase revenue. Vesta.AI’s SmartServer Platform provides all of this and more while allowing you to focus on what’s most important; your guest’s positive experience.

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Product Features

Decrease Costs

Recognizing your top Wait Staff members and letting them continue to wow your guests while augmenting the rest of your team. Vesta.AI will save you up to 75% on your labor costs.

Increase Sales

Vesta.AI is built to upsell, recommend your most profitable menu items and allow guests to instantly place orders, ask questions or pay for the bill, resulting in higher table revenues.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers never need to wait again. By taking care of your guests from the moment they are seated to paying the bill and everything in between, Vesta.AI will take the brunt of work off of your Wait Staff’s shoulders, allowing them to add more value to your guests than ever before!

Emotionally Connective

Using advanced emotional recognition algorithms, Vesta.AI is able to tell what kind of mood your guests are in leading to a more connective and natural experience.

Bill Splitting

Our easy to use drag and drop bill splitting technology easily allows guests to drag and drop their menu items to the correct bill for easy payment

Instant Dining Scores

Have your guests satisfaction scores be sent directly to management in order to turn any negative experience around before the guest leaves.

Customer Loyalty

Build your customer loyalty programs into Vesta.AI’s platform and retain guests like never before. Vesta.AI tracks all guest data in order to best decide how to keep in touch with your guests.

Reduce Food Spoilage

Help the environment and increase profits by decreasing returned food. The SmartServer platform also keeps track of when food is set to expire, automatically selecting these items to be recommended as daily specials.

Instant Ordering

Guests are able to order what they want, when they want. Gone are the days of flagging a waiter down. With Vesta.AI SmartServer, you can ask question, get recommendation and order whevever you want.

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The Vesta.AI SmartServer is an out of the box solution and ready to provide a return on your investment immediately. Simply provice your menu and images and Vesta’s Artificial Intelligence will do the rest. The platform comes equipped with your organization’s branding and is set to impress from the moment your customers take a seat.

Artificial Intelligence

Since the 1950’s, Artificial Intelligence has been developed for robotics, telecommunications, health, heavy industry, transportation and much more. It is growing at an accelerated rate and is on it’s way to double economic growth.

By leveraging this technology in your restaurant today, you can save costs, increase customer satisfaction, analyze and predict market trends and increase overall revenue.

About Us

Vesta, in Ancient Rome, was the goddess of the hearth and family. A hearth, or fireplace, in Ancient Rome was essential for cooking food and also served as the gathering place for family and friends.

We believe that to this day, food is the greatest unifier across cultures that brings people together. We believe that every dining experience should be shared with family and friends. Vesta.AI facilitates this by allowing people to focus on what’s most important; each other.

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